• Speciality: Vice Head of School
  • Experience: 15 Years
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +234 802 996 9432

Bsc.ed Home Economic – 24years teaching experience. Assistant Head of School (Vice Head Teacher)

Schedule of duties

. Carry out general supervision of teaching work for administrative and organizational progress.
. Make sure that teachers attend to their lessons promptly and regularly.
. Marks note of lessons and check the record books against scheme of work to ensure that what is taught or entered in the weekly record confirms with the scheme.
. Mentor new teachers who have just joined us and submit to the head of school confidential reports on teachers /workers.
. Supervise and coordinate all the academic affairs to ensure a high level of performance on a daily basis.
. Ensure that the note of the learners are marked.
. Plan for the learner’s placement test and work along with the head teacher on school plans.
. Does regular and formal classroom visit.
. Ensure that stipulated exams syllabus and curricular are available and fully implemented as prescribed by the examination committee.
. Ensure the compliance of learners and staff to rules and regulations as regard the curricular and co-curricular activities etc.