Admission Ongoing

Progress Report System

SCIS Report System

Every child’s progress is continuously monitored at Scholars’ Crest International School. The school uses progress reports, continuous assessments and term exams to measure the academic development of pupils. End-of-the-term examinations are given to determine the child’s rate of progress in relation to the targets for the class.

Pupils will also be assessed in the affective and psychomotor domain; interpersonal relationships, personal carriage, etiquette and skills such as teamwork will also be remarked upon.

EYFS have its own learning journey book where assessments are logged as evidence of the progress made. Observations are continually made on the work and play of the learners in form of marks, photos, videos and statements by the key persons in the class to inform what and how learning is being achieved.

Additional classroom support is targeted towards individuals and small groups of learners with clearly identified special educational needs either at the intervention or remediation level as may be needed. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) may be designed in the core subject to support a mild special needs learner.

Indication of Programme Assessment

(Formative and Summative)

The following interpretation is used for the learner’s assessment report;

80-100Exceeding ExpectationEEAGreen
60-79Meeting ExpectationMEBBlue
50-59Approaching ExpectationAECYellow
Below 50Below ExpectationBEDRed

Honor Roll

Recognition and incentives are given to learners periodically to reward their academic and character distinction. The efforts of learners making marked improvements are also recognized and encouraged. Prizes and awards are also given in recognition of hard work, good behaviour and helpful services to the school at the end of every school session.

Valedictory ceremonies are organized for graduating pupils at the end of the school year in both the EYFS and Grade six.


This will be proportionately meted out to serve as a deterrent or incentive to the child and others. It is our responsibility to correct all unacceptable social behaviour and the parent’s cooperation is highly expected in this regard. In case of outstanding conduct (positive/negative), the school may enter such in the behaviour logbook. Similarly, plastic tokens are given as a reward system to recognize individual children for their houses.