Admission Ongoing

Core values


To create a positive and challenging learning environment in which everyone in our school community feels valued and can grow in self-esteem to develop their full potential.


To build knowledge and character through diligent skill, integrity, self-reliance, dignity and fear of God which under-scores our school ethos.


  • Provide stimulating situations for the development of speech in pre-school age.
  • Provide varied opportunities for an effective learning process in academic, creative and aesthetic skills.
  • Encourage social development through interaction with other children and inculcate a good sense of value and decorum in children.
  • Provide a broad-based and effective educational system that will promote motivational situations for the intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and spiritual growth of each child at a level appropriate to their understanding and capabilities.
  • Encourage the development of skills and attitudes which enhance the worthy use of leisure time and the appreciation of the importance of curiosity and lifelong learning.
  • Instil discipline, diligence and integrity as desirous virtues to cultivate in life.
  • Above all, to provide a happy environment and excellent experience for all learners in our care.

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