Admission Ongoing

Admission Policy

Admission Policy

SCIS accepts pupils with a wide range of academic abilities.

Admission Procedure

Upon the purchase of the school’s prospectus, the registration form must be duly completed and submitted with all necessary documents for an admission slot.

A non-refundable admission fee is charged and a refundable deposit which is repayable on demand provided that:

(a) A full term’s notice is given before the child leaves the school; or

(b) The child completes Grade 6

Transferred applicants will be given a placement test and an oral interview for appropriate class placement. Transfer papers duly signed from the child’s former school should be received by the school before admission is concluded.

There are waiting lists in some of the classes and admission is offered to the first available child who has passed the placement test for the intended class. Priority is also given to pupils with siblings in the school.

Fees Procedure/Policy

School fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each term. All payments must be made directly into the school’s bank account as the school does not accept cash payments for any of its services.

Evidence of payment is to be submitted to the school accountant. The school may request the withdrawal of a child whose fees are not settled on or before the end of the first week of a new term.

Discounts cannot be granted in cases of illness neither when the school is closed because of infectious disease or in the case of quarantine nor when a child is absent within the term.