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SCIS awarded an International School Award (ISA)

The British Council International School Award started in 1999 to recognise the schools leading the way in instilling and developing a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people.

ISA is the International School Award given by the British Council.

It is a badge of honour a school receives after showcasing a school year’s work with activities that foster an International dimension in the learning experience of the learners. This is done with the focus of raising young people with cultural understanding and skills required to live and work as global citizens.

The activities involved allowed learners and teachers to connect and share a learning experience with partners overseas. Learners research global issues and proffer solutions for a better future. It also helps develop the essential core skills needed for young people to live in a competitive world as well as deepen awareness of an interdependent world.

The International School Award encourages and supports schools to develop:

  • An international ethos embedded throughout the school
  • A majority of pupils within the school are impacted by and involved in international work
  • Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools
  • Curriculum-based work across a range of subjects
  • Year-round international activity
  • Involvement of the wider community

Participating accorded us the following benefits:

  • Our learners are aware of Global crises as well as 
  • Learners are now aware they are members of a global community
  • Teaching and Learning 
  • Foundation for a competitive global 

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